Bonus Guest Episode: Jackson Phelan (Rat!Hammock)

The song Ghost from Melbourne band Rat!Hammock was one of Miks' favourite songs of 2019, so far, and Jack has supported the band on recent shows up in Sydney. To say they're faves for us here at AMD is an understatement. So, we are beyond stoked to have their front person Jackson Phelan jump on . the pod to talk through his favourite song of 2019, so far.

Jackson unpacks the songwriting prowess of Horror My Friend, and their song Turned Loose.

You can stream the track here.

You can check out Rat!Hammock here, and make sure you grab a copy of 'Ghost'.

Thank you to the incredible and generous Adam Jones for the theme music you hear throughout the poddy.

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Cover image courtesy of @jerry_kam

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