Bonus Guest Episode: Adam Jones

Adam Jones is a name you might not know. You definitely have heard his work though. In, fact you're probably about to hear it soon - Adam is responsible for the incredible theme music you hear each and every week on the pod.

Adam and Miks go back a fair few years after meeting at an early Gang Of Youths show in 2013. Adam is a brilliant musician in his own right, producing music under the guise of The Ship Shape. He is currently working on sound for theatre shows and also does the theme for Mikstape, Miks's other show on Play On Radio.

Adam tells us about one of his favourite local tracks of 2018, 'Change' by JOY.

You can stream the track here

You can check out Adam's project The Ship Shape here.

[Insert comment here about how Adam does the theme music but he's actually the guest on the pod for this ep and thanking him again would look a litle OTT, but really, when you think about it, he's actually well deserving of the additional thanks because he's quite great at what he does, and yes, generous too].

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