Bonus Guest Episode: Adam Buncher + David James Young

We got an extra special bonus mini-ep this time ‘round, featuring not one, but two guests! Adam Buncher and David James Young make up half of the excellent podcast Hottest 100s and 1000s, that poddy that unpacks every single song of every single Hottest 100 poll. They’ve been going for a fair few years now, and finished their fifth season, talking through each song of the 1998 Hottest 100 last year.

Both DJY and Adam have excellent taste, and both have chosen vastly different songs!

You can hear DJY chat bare about 5 Seconds of Summer (YES!). Adam chats about Julia Jacklin’s excellent tune ‘Body’.

Stream 5SOS here.

Stream Julia Jacklin here

Check out more info about Hottest 100s and 1000s here.  

Also recommend checking out DJY’s other work (he’s a great music writer and also hosts another music poddy!). All other things DJY can be found here.

Thank you to the incredible and generous Adam Jones for the theme music you hear throughout the poddy. 

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