Episode Six

Dear Diary,

AMD here. I mean, I know you already know that and everything, but still.

Anyways, everything is going to plan! Episode Six is here, ready to be streamed and loved and shared and all of the good things. This one is really good, like, actually the best of the six episodes we’ve released so far (Sorry episodes 1-5 😏). The music is also sooooo good too.

There’s tunes from Max Quinn, Japanese Wallpaper, Jess Locke, Ro, Bec Stevens and Martin Frawley. All of them are, like, the best. And I know you get me (even if you are just a book that I write my inner most secrets in), but all those artists also get me, like, heaps. I don't know, it's really hard to put into words.

I got streams of the tracks below and if ya wanna hear the episode, I got that below too.

I also started this thing where other people can help me each month which is, like, the greatest thing eva. It’s from the website called Pozible, and omg you can do that here. I’m sure if you were a real person, you would.

My really generous and increds friend Adam Jones helped out with the episode and did the theme music. He is divine 😍

I got some links below and, like, still, I know you aren’t, like, real or anything…but if you were, I know you’d go give us a review on Apple Podcasts.

I’ll write another one of these in you in about a fortnight x

Love you sooooo much.

AMD xoxo