Australian Music Diaries is a podcast adding personal context to new Australian music. We share voice memo notes between each other, adding personalised stories to how we listen to new Australian music.

It's hosted by Miks Everitt and Jack R Reilly.  

Miks is a music writer, researcher person who's been on the periphery of the Australian music scene for a fair few years now. He used to run a little music blog called maamf, was one of the founders of mismatch.tv, and is now a triple j unearthed super user and looks after Mikstape, a new Australian music playlist on Spotify. 

Jack is a solo artist from New South Wales. From an early age, Jack has been a gigantic nerd who fans out hard over Australian music. From humble beginnings of putting on shows at the local youth centre, to playing shows with international touring artists such as Kevin Devine and Into It. Over It., Jack's been kicking a coupla killer goals of late.